2017 Enduro Rules

Big Diamond Speedway 2017 ENDURO RULES


Revised 02/28/17

Steps have been taken to slow “over competitive” stock vehicles to even the competition. More special rules may be added during the season and will be taken on a case by case basis.

NOTE: If your car was legal to the prior rules do not assume your car will be legal to these rules (Please read completely).

Big Car = Any American or foreign make. Straight 6, V6, or V8 engine. Front wheel or rear wheel drive. Minimum 4-passenger car, with a minimum 104” wheelbase. All big cars will run according to rules but MAY have some restrictions to certain models if they become too competitive.

No Camaro’s, Trans Ams, Firebirds, or V-8 Mustangs

Small Car = Any 4 cylinder car. Front wheel or rear wheel drive. 4 passenger minimum car with a max wheelbase of 104″. Special rules for Small cars – Any other type model cars shown to be over competitive may have restrictions set forth on them during the season.

Mitsubishi Eclipse / Eagle Talon/ Plymouth Laser will be on 6″ rim and 6″ tire.

No 2 Seated (2 people) cars includes “Honda CRX”. No trucks or station wagons

All cars must have make and model painted on the driver side doorpost.


Claim Rule: The promoter reserves the right to claim any car after an event to insure there is no high dollar cars competing unfairly. Any items such as racing seat, belts, window net, and fuel cell, may be removed designated by promoter. Refusal of claim will result in disqualification, loss of money and points.

BIG CAR: $800  4 CYL: $700

You must have your car numbers on each door and roof minimum 18” high in a contrasting color.

There will be a pre race and post race inspection.

Antifreeze will not be allowed.

All cars must include complete driver and trunk floor area.

ENGINE must pull at least 17 inches of vacuum @ 1000 RPM by Big Diamond Speedway tech gauges.

Suspension springs and stops must match from left side of the car to the right side of the car. (Exact height, length, thickness, and equal number of coils).

All suspension components must remain in stock mounting locations. Must remain a stock production part with the exception of the springs. NO ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS.

No Steering Quickner.

No moving, heating, cutting suspension.

You must have all 4 wheels with working brakes.

No Locked Rears.

No working 4wd or all wheel drive (rear drive shaft may be disconnected).

No Turbo or supercharged. (Single carb or fuel injection only)


The engine, drive train, and cooling system must be stock. No high performance cylinder heads. No porting, match porting, polishing, or grinding of any kind. Stock rocker arms only. No screw in studs, guide plates, or poly locks. Hydraulic cam and stock type lifters only.

EXCEPTION: To allow for head repair: a maximum of two (2) rocker arm studs per head may be replaced with screw in studs. All other rules still apply.

No aftermarket racing parts of any kind except air cleaners and valve covers.

G.M. 6/8 cylinder cars must use a Rochester carb or a stock Holly 4412 carb.  Only 1 gasket permitted between carb and intake. No Spacers.

All big cars must run a stock automatic transmission with a stock torque converter.  Standard shift transmission permitted in big car division but must be completely stock.  No high dollar components.

No airflow improvement devices inside of the air cleaner.

No aftermarket intakes.

Big Cars: Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds or low dollar headers only. Exhaust must exit behind driver.

Must have an operational PCV valve in place.

Exhaust must exit behind driver and may not face downward towards racetrack.

All lights and glass must be removed (Front window MUST be completely replaced with wire mesh with a minimum of 2 – 1″ wide x 1/8″ thick steel straps, spaced evenly in center of windshield). No windows may be covered.


Sunroof / T top openings must be covered with sheet metal and welded.

All trim, handles and moldings must be removed.
All interior upholstery must be removed except the dash. A dash bar welded to the roll cage MUST be installed. No mirrors.

1/8” steel plate must be welded to the floor under the drivers seat. The mandatory racing seat must be fastened to the roll cage. Installation subject to inspection.

Cars MUST have driver’s seat window net securely fastened with disconnect.

5-point harness racing belts (min) must be dated within 5 years.

Must have racing helmet with face shield. Helmet must be Snell 2005 or better. Fire suit, gloves, and shoes are mandatory.

Fire Extinguisher with a gauge must be securely fastened, must be mounted within drivers reach. Must be up to date and fully charged.

Fenders must be in place at start of race.

Hood and trunk must have the springs and stock latches removed and securely fastened without tools. No chains or Cables thru hood trunk – Hood and Trunk pins are recommended. Tool Less Entry required on all cars.

Hood must have hole for fire safety if wheel wells are retained.

Drive shaft must be painted white with safety chain, cable, or hoop at front of shaft.


All Doors must be welded and bolted.

One battery may be relocated in drivers compartment if completely enclosed and secured.

No gutting of inner sheet metal, hood, or trunk or inside of drivers area, except where roll cage extends into drivers door. (Must retain the complete driver and trunk floor areas).

MANDATORY 4 or 6-point cage, full cage with three (3) driver side and two (2) passenger side door bars. Each door bar must be spaced with two (2) down bars between each bar. A back bar from the top of cage to floor on each side is optional. Minimum (1-1/2” OD minimum, .090 thick minimum). No pipe fittings, threaded pipe, galvanized pipe, or conduit allowed. No bars to extend out of firewall.

Bars are allowed at the rear of car to protect gas tank/fuel cell. These bars cannot connect to the main roll cage. These bars may not reach up over the rear hump of frame, only to the flat of the trunk floor. No crossing or reinforcing the frame.

Rub rails allowed. No lower than center hub height/no higher than tires. Rub rails must be between tires only and must be TIGHT against body, smooth and rounded off subject to safety inspection

(NO TIRE CUTTERS OR SPEARS) No added weight ballast.

Front wheel wells may be removed.

Stock bumpers only – must be in place at all times and must be secured by chains… to keep from dropping onto track.

Stock fuel tank may remain in stock position if safe, all stock rear bumper filled tanks must be removed. No rear facing fuel inlets.

A check valve is mandatory in the vent line to prevent leakage in


case of a roll over.

A fuel cell type can be located in trunk secured with at least (4) 1” steel straps. If fuel tank is relocated to trunk area you must have a totally enclosed rear firewall. Fuel line must exit from the top of the tank / cell.

Wheels must be all the same size (13, 14, etc.) and offsets (max 7” wide = big cars and 4 cylinders).

Reinforced right front wheel with 1” lugs recommended for all cars.

Wheel weights must be removed.

Factory aluminum wheels are permitted.

No wheel spacers permitted.

Aftermarket steel wheels allowed – No bead locks or aluminum racing wheels.

6/8 cylinders – 70/75 Series Tires with 7″ wide tread

4 cylinders – 60 or above Series Tires with 7″ wide tread.

Summer Tread, All Season / M+S combination tires allowed.

No studded snow tires.

Only D.O.T. tires and may be mix-matched sizes for stagger but still must meet other rules.

No Mascots, decorating, spoilers, flags, or hood scoops added to cars.

No Passengers.

Radiator must remain in stock position (Wire mesh can be installed in front of radiator; however, no reinforcing for added protection in


front of the firewall is permitted). OEM Radiators ONLY.

No radio communication allowed from anybody other than Big Diamond control tower.

No spray foam sealants allowed. Many of these are highly flammable.

All cars called to post race tech area may not open hoods till told to do so and must have jack, jack stands, and tools. All cars must start on its own without an extra battery, gas, or etc. Must start the way it came off the track. If a car doesn’t start for testing, a ten (10) minute time limit will be allowed prior to be disqualified.

Drivers age 14-17 must have notarized permission release and proof of age.

One Way receiving radios are mandatory by all drivers while on track. On track officials are not responsible to place you in proper position.

NOTE -Any and all rules are geared toward even competition in the spirit of Enduro racing. Anything not covered in the above rules may not be legal and should be asked of the tech man before the race- Do not assume anything is legal and then find out differently in the tech area. We are here to have fun and do not want to see anyone be DQ’ed.

Call Jim Carey with any tech questions (570) 640-4171.


Drivers will draw for start position.

Drivers will start 3 wide, from a dead start at the flag stand.

Race will be 50 laps.

Caution will only be thrown if car is broke down in racing area or an emergency.  Caution may be thrown at flaggers discretion.

Stay in your car until the end of the event do not unbuckle or exit your car unless you are hurt and need medical assistance.

Payout will be based off of car count.

Tech will follow all races.

Car entry is $40, driver and crew are $40.

Transponders are mandatory.

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy your night.