2017 Car Show Rules & Regulations







  1. The Vehicle(s) will be displayed with carpets under the wheels and oil drip pans under the engine for the protection of the flooring of Fairlane Village whether or not the vehicle has an engine-NO EXCEPTIONS!


  1. All vehicles are to be properly cleaned before entering Fairlane Village. The use of Armor All or any other type of cleaner is strictly prohibited. Use of any type of cleaner other than water is

not allowed. Any participant who uses any cleaner other than water will be asked to remove their vehicle from the mall.


  1. Vehicles on display may be placed only in areas that are pre-approved by Fairlane Village Management.


  1. All vehicles must be displayed a minimum of 10 feet from kiosks and other permanent mall structures.  Mall benches and planters may be relocated with prior permission from Fairlane Village Management.  A maintenance staff will be on duty in the event that non-permanent fixtures need to be moved.


  1. All vehicles must enter through the sliding promotional doors located in south court (near Value City).


  1. Vehicles may enter or leave the building after mall closing or two hours prior to mall opening.   All arrangements for set-up and breakdown times can be approved through the Mall Management office at 570-429-1563.


  1. In the case of an extended show (lasts for more than 5 days), the show promoter and/or dealer(s) providing the vehicle (s) will monitor the condition of the vehicles appearance throughout the show to assure cleanliness and a professional appearance.


  1. A certificate of comprehensive and liability insurance coverage will be supplied to the Fairlane Village Marketing Manager at least 7 days prior to the start day of the display.


  1. Vehicles may not interfere with any other mall promotion that is scheduled!  If in the event another show is scheduled, arrangements must be made to locate the vehicle where it will not hinder the promotion.  If a vehicle will need to be relocated, the promoter may be present to relocate the vehicle.  If the promoter can not be available to move the vehicle during a pre-set exhibit, prior permission must be given to the Marketing Manager to relocate the vehicle to another location in the mall that does not interfere with exhibitor set-ups.


  1. A set of keys must be left with the Marketing Manager for every vehicle on display so that, in the case of an extreme emergency, the vehicle(s) may be removed from the mall premises.


Signed and Accepted by authorized promoter/exhibitor


Signature: _____________________________________

Printed name: __________________________________

Title: _________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________

Date: _________________________________________
       Forms must be submitted to mall office prior to set- up!


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